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To link your app you need to register on the website.
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Insert the code

Attention! To get the code your watch must be connected to your mobile, and your mobile must have internet access!

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Attention! Fenix 5, 5s, 5x, Chronos and 935 users

There is a bug in the latest Garmin firmware that affects the menu operation on all Genius Wrist's apps.

To circumvent this issue, all apps were updated to open the menu with a quick press of the UP KEY.

The fix was made available in the following app versions:

Gym Genius - 1.2.4
Workout Genius - 1.8.5
Workout Builder - 1.3.5
Trainer Genius - 0.3.4


Run the application in your watch, open the menu and select the option
Get Link Code.
If you are having difficulties to find the "Get Link Code" option click here:
how to open your watch menu
Genius Wrist Apps - Open Menu
The following screen will appear.
Genius Wrist Apps - Get Link Code
Press the START or ENTER button to acquire the code.
Genius Wrist Apps - Connecting
Use the code you received to link your app.
Genius Wrist Apps - Link Code Acquired